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Most popular Drawing Tablet Brands


Wacom stands for the Japanese word “harmony” was founded in Japan in 1973. They are the one who pioneered pen technology and were first to come up with many advanced features.

They have the longest experience in making pen tablets and their devices are one of the most practical and professional. Wacom devices are used in all mainstream studios and considered industry standard. Wacom pro range products are the personal favorite of many leading artists in the industry.

Wacom devices range from beginner levels pen tablets like Wacom Bamboo and Wacom Intuos to pro level Wacom Cintiq and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro. They also make pro-level pen tablets called Wacom Intuos pro which is very famous and considered the best pen tablet ever.

Every year or two Wacom upgrade their devices with better specs and sometimes better design. In the last few months, they have basically upgraded all their lower and medium range devices. The Wacom Bamboo got a full makeover with better specs and modern design and so is the case with Wacom Intuos and Wacom Intuos Pro.

Wacom is very often criticized for their expensive prices but at the same time their product is made of most premium materials and lasts for years, they also have a well-established customer support system. Their drivers are the most refined and have various advanced options which others don’t. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for.


Xp-Pen is one of those brands which use to be an underdog a few years back but at present plays a major role in the industry. Xp-Pen was established in 2005 in Japan and later had offices in Taiwan, United States and China.

The Xp-Pen stands for “X” Infinite and “P” Possibilities – Pen (digital pen). From the very beginning, their aim was to make affordable drawing tablets. In the last few years, they have really stepped up their game and have been aggressively launching products which give a neck to neck competition to the top brands and that too at marginally lower prices.

At present their devices range from beginner level drawing pads to the Professional grade display tablets. They are more famous for their beginner level Xp-Pen Deco series which consists of three tablets called deco 01, deco 02 and deco 03. Their Xp-Pen star series of drawing tablets are made for more pro-level artists.

When it comes to Display tablets, xp-pen have been very aggressive lately. Xp-Pen Artist series of display tablets provides a very capable alternative to premium tablets which costs thousands of tablets. These tablets have been well received by the artist community and the Xp-Pen has got a lot of praise and attention.

At present, the brand is expanding rapidly and have become an unstoppable force. They are partnering with leading brands in the industry and holding various events all over the globe.


Huion was started in Shenzhen, China in 2007. Its logo consists of three pens which represent Stability – Balance and Development. From the very beginning, around 2007 Huion started investing in research and development in electromagnetic communication and input. By 2011 they have become one of the few brands which developed their own chip.

Huion started manufacturing pen tablets in their own country China and were very successful. Their devices were being used in anime and manga studios. Later they extended their branch to other countries and at present, they have offices in over 50 countries. they cover regions such as regions such as North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and mainland China.

At present Huion is among one of the leading brands in the tablet industry. They make one the cheapest tablet in the market to the high-end display tablets. Their beginner levels tablets are good alternatives to the other higher priced tablets and have more features and far lower price than the competition.

Huion may be a big name in beginner tablets arena but they are mainly known for their display tablets. Huion has one of the best display tablets in almost every price range. Their Kamvas series of tablets are particularly appreciated for their great performance and were liked by the artist community.


Artisul which stands for “Art is Soul” is the child company of Uc-Logic and based on Taiwan. Their parent company had been making drawing tablet for other manufacturers for many years, then they decided to start their own child company. Artisul claims their tablets are designed in  San Francisco and created in Taiwan.

Although Artisul makes both pen tablets as well as Display Tablets but they are mainly known for their display tablets. Their main display consists of Artisul d10s, d13s, d16, d22.

Past few years Artisul was a big name in the tablet industry and were in direct competition with the wacom. Nowadays they are beign overshadowed by xp-pen and huion. The fact that they have not lanched many tablets in the last few months adds to this.


Monoprice was established in year 2002. It is also known as the everything company which not only makes drawing tablets but also display panels, speaker system, cables, adaptors and even 3D printers.

monoprice controversy Monoprice is one of those controversial companies which lives in the grey area. Here is one of the “cnet” screenshot which was published in 2013. You can read the whole article here. Over the years they have tried to build some reputation with mixed results.

When it comes to drawing tablets they have made cheap pen tablet along with some display tablets which were not received so well.


Parblo is one of the newer brands when it comes to the drawing tablets. Considering the fact it was established in 2015 they have been able to achieve quite significant position. The Parblo was named on name of master Pablo Picasso.

At present Parblo makes both the pen tablets without screen and display monitors. Their drawing tablet consists of Parblo A609 and Parblo A610 series. In Display tablets they make Parblo Mast and Parblo Coast series of tablets. Their drawing tablet are well designed and on par with the latest trends.

Even after being a young company they have been able to make super high-quality products and their future looks bright. They are probably going to play a major role in the tablet industry.


Turcom is a brand based on USA. Like Monoprice, Turcom also make a variety of other products such as Bluetooth™ speakers, wireless sound bars, rechargeable battery packs for smart phones and tablets, cell phone battery cases, Android tablets, graphic drawing tablets, and more.

If we talk about drawing tablets than unlike other brands which tends to focus more on display tablets, Turcom is more centered towards pen tablets without screen. Their devices consist of  beginner to intermediate level pen tablets along with one-two models of display tablets which are not too popular.

At present Turcom is at the backfoot when comes to drawing tablets. They have not relesed a single model in past one year. Their existing models are quite outdated in terms of features as well as design. Slowly the brand seems to disappear into nothingness.


Ugee was founded in Shenzhen, China in 1998. By 2003 they have officially started selling their products all over China. Slowly their tablets were available in various other countries. By 2014 their tablets had one of the best specs of and were competing with other tablet brands like Huion.

They make both pen tablets as well as display tablets. Their pen tablets were very successful with the artists especially their beginner devices. They had the same level of success with display tablets.  Their display tablets were competing with brands like Wacom and were really liked by people.


Yiynova was founded in 2008 in mainland China. In the first few years, they have been able to produce various leading tablets which were great in their time and had the latest tech inside.

At present they have not really released any new peoducts and havw been dying a slow death.

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