Cheapest Gaming Mouse – which are actually good

cheapest gaming mouseA mouse is the most essential gaming peripheral. With the prices of premium mouse ripping off our pockets, we really start to wonder “how far are the cheap gaming mouse from these premium ones” in terms of features and is it really possible to get a good gaming experience from the cheapest gaming mouse.

Many people have preconceived notion that cheap means bad, well it is true in most of the cases but when it comes to gaming mouse things are different.

Shopping for a cheap gaming mouse is not the same as getting an expensive one. The market is overloaded with cheap mouse and not all of them are good. But still you can get a killer deal at chap price provided you know what you are looking for.

If you are looking for the best gaming experiance at cheapest possible price, we have made a list of cheapest gaming mouse which perform way better than their price.

Cheapest Gaming Mouse 2018

  Buttons DPI Range  
Hiraliy F300 Seven 500 - 5000 Check Price
Corsair Harpoon Six 250 - 6000 Check Price
Sharkoon Shark Force Six 600 - 1600 Check Price
Redragon M711 Cobra Eight 500 - 5000 Check Price
IVSO Gaming Mouse Nine 1000 - 5000 Check Price
EasySMX Nine 400 - 4000 Check Price

1. Hiraliy F300 – Best Budget Gaming Mouse

cheap gaming mouse 1


Hiraliy F300 is build with the sole objective of giving its users a premium performance at a pocket-friendly price. If you are looking for a performance driven gaming mouse at a cheapest price than Hiraliy F300 is hands down the best option for you.

Starting off with the ergonomics, the mouse is very comfortable to hold and every curve is made to fit your hands. Its body is made of plastic but the top surface is rubber coated providing a better grip and better feel. The buttons are rated for 10 million clicks making it a very durable mouse. It has a medium weight to it and comes with braided cable.

The mouse has overall 7 programmable buttons and a rubber coated scroll wheel. The scroll wheel scrolls smoothly with a suttle physical response and is far better than other mice in the price range.

Hiraliy F300 is a well rounded mouse with great build quality awesome performance and a very attractive looks, It feels no less than a higher priced gaming mouse.

The mouse uses the latest gaming sensor and provides 5 adjustable DPI settings ranging from 500 all the way up to 5000 DPI which makes it a great choice for the FPS gamers.

Hiraliy F300 has one of the best implimention of RGB lighting, The RGB light extends from back to the front in a slim band of light. The fluid and smooth lighting pattern feels really nice and gives a sexy look to the mouse. The RGB pattern can be changed through the quick toggle button at the top or with the help of included softwares.

The official Hirality software is super easy to use and gives access to all mouse settings from Button remapping and DPI settings to full RGB light controls.

Although the mouse has all the basic features but a dedicated fire button would have made the deal even better but considering the price point you can’t really complain.


  • No Fire Button
  • Good implementation of RGB light
  • Great sensor
  • Low DPI for fps gaming


  • No fire button

2. Corsair Harpoon – Best FPS Gaming mouse

gaming mouse 2


Corsair is known for their top of the line premium gaming mouses. Corsair harpoon is the cheapest gaming mouse in the their lineup but shares a lot of similarities with its expensive brothers. Although it is slightly more priced than Hiraliy  F300 and that is the only reason it is placed in the second position.

From the first look it gives a classical vibe and looks stealthy, Its signature RGB light is exactly the same as used in much higher range corsair mice. The mouse is built with a high-quality plastic with a nice rubber coating at the back, the sides of the mouse have a rubber pads which feels nice and gives better grip. It is one of the lightest mouse and weighs about 45 grams which may be a good thing or bad depending on your preference.

With the DPI levels ranging from 250 to all the way upto 6000 makes it a very attractive choice for FPS gamers.

Corsair left the cable outlet on the left side of the mouse and it may feel like it would disturb the balance but in real life usage there is no difference and gives it a distinctive look.

Lack of braided cable is the only noticeable shortcoming of this mouse, on the other hand, the left and right clicks have good treble and feel clicky. The foreward and back button on the left are well placed. The scroll wheel has a rubber surface with very light scroll steps and medium press middle click.

From mapping of the buttons to changing color and pattern of RGB light, everything is controlled with the corsair software. The software has been from a long time and is well laid out and has all the customization options from basic to advance.

Overall if you want a light, medium sized mouse which has all the basic features you need then courseir is the best choice for you.


  • Stealthy Design
  • Very responsive
  • Easily customization software
  • Impressive built quality


  • No braided cable
  • Less use of RGB lights

3. Sharkoon Shark Force – Ergonomics king

sharkoon affordable mouse for gamers


Sharkoon is the brand known for making really good products at very low price. Evident from the name itself the Sharkoon Sharkforce means some serious business. The Elongated thumb rest on left and perfectly curved body on right makes it a real pleasure to use specially during long hours of continious gaming.

The mouse is available in four colors which includes white, black, pink and everyone’s favorite green which looks really good in real life.

Although it is made of plastic but it is coated with rubberized material all over its upper body which feels good in hand. There are overall six buttons including the middle click the scroll wheel has an open front design with a good grip and decent spin. All the buttons have a good click to it with a decent feedback. The buttons at the side is well positioned and build solid.

The mouse has 3 DPI levels ranging from 600 to 1600 DPI which can be toggled only by the button at the top.

It has a RGB lit logo at the palmrest which looks supercool in dark. It is plug and play kind of mouse which supports every operating system with no software support and button customization options.

In short, it is a well built and well designed gaming mouse which has a really solid hardware and is perfect for any casual gamer.


  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Has a good sensor
  • Reactive and satisfying scroll wheel
  • Comes in many other color options


  • Does not comes with software
  • Minimal use of RGB lights
  • No button remapping

4. Redragon M711 Cobra – Balanced Performer

red dragon m711 cobra mouse for gaming


If you are a fan of classical symmetrical shape than this is the mouse for you. The modern mouse with all those fancy palmrest  and special curves may be great for some people but for others it may be a nightmare which make them feel unnatural and uncomfortable.

The Redragon cobra is a classical meets modern gaming mouse. Because of its symmetrical shape and modern asthetics it has been really liked by people. It is a over medium sized mouse which is perfect for someone with long hands.

The DPI levels in this mouse can go as high as 5,000 and can be lowered to 500 DPIs which is great for FPS gamers.

Like all the other mouse in the list it is made of plastic and feels kind of cheap in hand in hand but the top surface is textured which makes it easier to hold after long uses with sweaty hands. The bright and vibrant RGB light makes it looks really attractive. The lighting pattern and colors can be changed with the help of included software or can be changed with the help of buttons at the top.

The mouse has a overall 7 buttons and a scroll wheel. The buttons are very clicky and of high quality. The for]ward and back buttons at the sides are textured. The scroll wheel is decent enough and have RGB light. The three buttons at the center are used for Changing the DPI levels and the third button at the back changes the light pattern.

The mouse comes with a 1.8 meters long braided cable which is great from durability point of view and comes with a really good software. Software enables to change the default functions of the mouse and adjust its RGB lights and patterns. It has overall eight different modes to choose from.The software can store 5 different profiles of settings which can be quickly toggled with the small button at the bottom of the mouse.


  • Palm hugging design
  • Good use of RGB lights
  • clicky buttons
  • Lower DPI settings for FPS games


  • No fire button
  • Feels plasticky

5. IVSO Gaming Mouse – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

IVSO cheap gaming mouse


You may have noticed most of the gaming mouse is made for the Right Handed people. From the way they are curved to the placement of extra buttons, it is very uncomfortable for left-handed people to use the normal mouse.

With an estimate of 12% people in the world are left handed and when it comes to the gaming mouse, most of the cheap gaming mouse is made exclusively for right-handed people.

Check out our list of the top ambidextrous gaming mouse.

The IVSO gaming mouse has an ambidextrous design, its balanced and symmetrical shape fits left as well as right hand perfectly. The mouse has 9 buttons and a scroll wheel. It comes with a braided cable.
For left-handed people forward and backward buttons are placed on both sides of the mouse. A small red button on the bottom quickly toggles from left to right-handed mode by inverting the left and right click buttons.

All the buttons are decent enough and give a satisfying feedback with that said the scroll button feels a bit mushy.

As the mouse doesn’t come with any software, so you have limited customization of RGB lights and no customization on buttons. With that said the button at the top enables you to change the lighting mode.

It has overall 5 adjustable DPI settings ranging from 1000 to 5000 DPI. As said earlier the mouse has no software support so the DPI can only be toggled through the button at the top.

It is a great package and you will end up being really satisfied especially if you are left-handed.


  • Tactile buttons
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Good RGB implementation
  • Quick toggle to shift modes
  • Solid build


  • Weak scroll steps
  • DPI buttons are hard to press

6. EasySMX – Cheapest Gaming Mouse

Easy SMX cheap gaming mouse


EasySMX is the least expensive mouse in our list with price as low as under 10 dollars and is the best cheapest mouse in its price range.

It is made of cheap plastic, but offers some of the features which other mouse doesn’t. It has a lot of extra buttons which are very helpful in certain games.

the mouse has a dedicated fire button which is helpful in FPS gaming. Other than that it has a double click button sitting beside left click along with 7 other buttons. Surprisingly the scroll wheel is not as bad as we have expected.

Although it says semi-ambidextrous on the package but it is primearly made for right handed use.

Once you get over the plasticky feel then the mouse has a lot to offer. The medium sized mouse has plastic texture at the top. The shape and curves are comfortable enough. This small mouse is made for the people with medium to small hands.

The mouse has RGB light at the front near the scroll wheel and at the back.

The mouse doesn’t comes with any driver and the DPI settings and Lights are directly controlled by buttons at the top.

Although you cannot expect much but still it has a decent sensor underneath and gives fairly decent gaming experience.

Overall it is the cheapest gaming mouse in the list but gives an amazing value at the price point and is perfect for beginner level gaming.


  • Best price to feature ratio
  • Has a trigger button
  • Bright LEDs
  • Decent sensor performance


  • Feels cheap and plasticky

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