The Internet is a great place to learn and share but it can also be a center of outdated, contradicting and confusing information. Our mission behind creating EssentialPicks was to give you the most accurate and reliable information.

At EssentialPicks we review products with the help of our resources which includes industry data and physical testing of products. We collaborate and reach out to leading professionals in their respective fields to give you the best possible source of information.

Who is this site for

This site was created with the aim of helping beginners who are just starting out their journey in the creative industry. We help them find the right tools and guide them in the right direction to help them reach the next level.

How often we update our data

The Internet is an ever-changing space. To be relevant we keep a sharp eye on ongoing changes and keep adding new and deleting old information on a regular basis.

In spite of all our efforts if you know of something that we overlooked or have suggestions or want to contact us for any reason you can send over an email and let us know.


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