The Internet is a great place to learn and share, but it can also be a center of outdated, contradicting and confusing information.

After my first tablet broke (fell down) I started looking for a new tablet. I found that most of the websites have not updated their list and the tablets they were recommending were outdated or did not exist – in some cases.

Next, I went to facebook groups for help but that did not turn out to be super helpful – since your favorite tablet may be the best device in your time but that was four years ago. So, I did my research and finally realized not many people (especially those who already had a tablet) were even aware of the latest tablets. I ended up picking up a Huion tablet which was much cheaper than the Wacom and worked perfectly for me.

At present, I work with Wacom Intuos pro and an Xp Pen Artist tablet at home for personal projects and Wacom Cintiq pro in office. Other than that I have a fair collection of other tablets as well.

About me

Hi! my name is Shubham and I am a hobbyist artist and a 3D modeler, I have a three-year experience in the gaming industry and I am fluid with software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, Max, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Substance designer-Painter and Blender.


I have been making art for quite a while. In my school days, I use to participate in various art competitions. When I got my first pc, I immediately taught myself photoshop. After passing the high school, I took a full-time three-year course in graphic design, 3D animation and Special Effects(VFX). In 2017 I participated in Adobe Associates on the national level and was awarded the most creative design award. After finishing the course I got a job in a gaming company and have been working there for over three years.

The story of the blog

The thought of starting a blog has been lingering in my mind for a long time. Finally, by the end of 2017, I pulled the trigger and shared my first story.

Who is this weblog for – Aim of the blog

The main aim of creating this site was to inform people in the creative industry about the latest choices on drawing tablet and to help them get their first or next tablet. To maintain the relevance, I keep a sharp eye on the tablet market. In case you need to know about the latest tablets in the market you can head over the latest arrival section on the top menu.

The blog also serves you general information on related topics such as – things you should look for when buying a tablet, and helps you make an informed decision as to buy a Wacom tablet or go with Wacom alternatives.

To make the whole experience better and to bring in the view and expertise of other individuals I collaborate with other artist friends and professionals to share their views on the topic – as and when required.

Your contribution is important…

If you know of something that I have overlooked or have suggestions and want me to cover any particular topic or you are a fellow creator/artist and want to share your good or bad experiences with the community, feel free to send me an email.


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