About Us

EssentialPicks is a hobby project which consists of a group of individuals with specialization in their fields such as digital art, 3D modeling, gaming, photo-video editing, etc. EssentialPicks is where we share our opinions on some of the most common tools we use and come across in our day to day work.

The team at “EssentialPicks” aims to help you find the right tools for your everyday needs. We do the heavy lifting by doing all the research and testing, saving our reader’s time and energy in selecting the correct products to meet their needs.

For the reviews, we do all the testing in our in house facility. We also refer to credible news sources along with online and offline journals for an in-depth look. We also reach out to experts to get their perspective and experience on certain subjects.

With that said – we take special pride in our work and very proud of the readers we have been able to help so far. To keep things transparent – we do not have any preference for any specific brand and our reviews are totally unbiased.

In addition to reviews, EssentialPicks also produces supplementary “How to Guides” and Informative articles. The goal is to provide our readers with ample knowledge to make informed choices so that they can avoid the dreaded “post purchasing dissonance” or “buyer’s remorse”.

“EssentialPicks” is reliant upon our readers so if there is anything that can be improved or any experiences you would like to share please connect with us via the comment section of the relevant article, or Contact Us page.