Wacom Intuos Review – Beginner friendly budget drawing tablet

Wacom Intuos review

After the public demand for the much needed updated, Wacom has finally released its latest generation of Intuos drawing tablets. The new tablet comes with a new design and updated hardware with top-notch build quality, at the level what we would expect from Wacom.

Will this facelift and muscle-boost be sufficient enough to outshine all those wannabe Wacom alternatives which are pushing out more and more tablets with really attractive features.

In this review, we would take a detailed look at what Wacom Intuos has to offer and could it maintain its title for the best beginner tablet – which it has been from the past several years.

Wacom Intuos comes in two base models

  Wacom Intuos (small) Wacom Intuos (medium)
Active Area 6.0 x 3.7 in 8.5 x 5.3 in
Surface Textured (Paperlike) Textured (Paperlike)
Pen Wacom Pen 4K (batteryless) Wacom Pen 4K (batteryless)
Pressure Levels 4096 4096
Pen Reading Height 7mm 7mm
Expresskeys Yes (4) Yes (4)
Multi-toucha No No
Wireless Support Yes / Bluetooth (optional) Yes / Bluetooth
Resolution 2540 lpi 2540 lpi
Reading Speed (pen) 133 pps 133 pps
Battery / Standby Yes (optional) / 15 hrs. Yes / 15 hrs.
Color Black / Pistachio Black / Pistachio

Design – Changes and improvements

Intuos buttons and pen holder

Wacom Intuos comes with a very modern – minimalist design which looks elegant and more like a decoration prop than a tool.

First time looking at the tablet, the very first thing you notice in the Wacom Intuos is the placement of the shortcut buttons. Wacom has always placed the buttons on top of the drawing area the same goes with this tablet. The buttons on the newer model are bigger and centered in the middle.

The buttons have a slight indent which makes a perfect place to place your stylus when not in use. This clever design eliminates the need for a pen holder.

The tablet feels light but dense at the same time with the thickness less than the latest iPhone. All the edges and curves are beveled which feels good on holding.

Build quality

Although the whole tablet is made of plastic, still the quality is very good. The tablet feels strong and sturdy. Unlike other cheap tablets, the tablet does not make the hollow sound which gives a very premium feel.

The buttons on the top have a different texture than other parts of the tablet. They feel very tactile and make a distinct click sound when pressed.

Wacom Intuos Stylus – new design and better features

Updated wacom intuos stylus

Wacom pens are popular for their accurate stylus and natural drawing experience. The Wacom Intuos comes with a brand new latest generation stylus which has not been seen in any other Wacom device.

Shape and size of the new styles are very similar to the previous model. What sets it apart is the rear end of the stylus can now be opened and holds the extra pentips. The pressure sensitivity has also been doubled as it now comes with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

There are two buttons on the side of the pen which is used as a shortcut button. The shortcut buttons can be changed to do different function in different applications with the help of pen settings.

The Wacom Intuos Stylus works on EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology which does not need batteries to work. It is a great feature because it eliminates the need for charging the pen. In general, the batteryless pens are more resistant to damages and accidental falls.

Surface Texture – Paper like drawing surface

The surface texture is one of the most under-rated features in drawing tablets. The drawing surface is what we always interact with – while drawing. A good drawing surface can really add to your drawing experience.

The surface of the first generation tablet felt like some cheap plastic. Later tablet manufacturers stated introducing textures surface on the tablets which felt like paper and made scratching sound as a real paper does.

Almost all drawing tablets come with the textured surface but Wacom is the one who has really got the perfect blend of friction and smoothness. The tablet makes a very satisfying sound while drawing and which makes the drawing process more engaging.

Included Softwares

free drawing software package

After registration, you have the access to three drawing applications which are –

  • Corel Painter Essentials
  • Corel Aftershot
  • Clip studio paint

These included software packages are only available in certain countries. Get more details on Amazon.

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