Top 6 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets Mobile and Laptops

best portable foldable keyboardTyping on a physical keyword is always better than typing on the screen. A keyboard may be an ideal typing tool but they are big and bulky pieces of plastic and metal. Which cannot be carried around everywhere we go. When you want the benefits of a full-sized keyboard in a portable package, you should consider getting a foldable Bluetooth keyboard.

After carefully reviewing a whole bunch of keyboards, we have made the list of best foldable keyboards which will exceed your expectations. Many of these keyboards have adopted really creative and interesting designs to make their keyboards compact without losing functionality. These keyboards can work with android or IOS devices along with all kinds of tablets and computers.

Foldable Bluetooth keyboards – comparison

01. iClever Folding KeyboardiClever Folding Bluetooth Keyboard with 3-Color Backlight4.8 / 5Portable and light weight with backlit keyboard to keep you going in dark.
02. iClever Foldable Bluetooth KeyboardiClever Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard4.2 / 5Slim form factor keyboard which quickly connects to you device wirelessly for convenient writing on the go.
03. Jelly Comb Ultra SlimJelly Comb Ultra Slim folding keyboard4.5 / 5A professional looking well designed device with a long lasting battery life.
04. Microsoft folding keyboardmicrosoft foldable keyboard4.8 / 5Made with soft touch material with splash proof internal coating. It comes with full size keyboard with very satisfying clicks.
05. EC TechnolgyPortable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard EC Technolgy Foldable Wireless Keyboard4.5 / 5One of the most customizable, convinient and well put together keyboard. It comes with a built in foldable stand.
06. Jelly Comb Pocket Sized4.0 / 5Well thought out design for most comfortable and ergonomic typing experiance.
07. Novt Bluetooth KeyboardNOVT Bluetooth Keyboard4.0 / 5A sleek full sized keyboard with no hinges protruding out and buttons cutouts.
08. Jelly Comb Foldable Keyboard with TouchpadJelly Comb Foldable Mini Keyboard with Touchpad4.2 / 5Keyboard and touchpad combo with an elegent foldable pack which could be used anywhere and everywhere you want.

1. iClever Folding Keyboard with 3-Color Backlight – Overall Best

iClever Folding Bluetooth Keyboard with 3-Color BacklightHow practical and comfortable a foldable keyboard depends upon the design and folding mechanism. The iCleaver folding keyboard has a very stable, sturdy and creatively designed hinge. Where most of the keyboards fold in half, the iCleaver keyboard folds in three parts.

When unfolded the keyboard just looks like any other keyboard. The strong magnets inside keeps it very stable in both folded and unfolded positions. Its metal body makes it feel strong and dense.


The keyboard is backlit which makes it usable in dark environments like dim room and airplane cabins. The buttons have three colored lights – red, green and blue with two levels of brightness.

It is a Bluetooth keyboard which is compatible with iOS Windows Android Smartphone PC Tablets.


  • 3 color backlight
  • The threefold design makes it compact and handy
  • Made from rugged aircraft grade aluminum


  • Keyboard smaller than normal keyboards when unfolded
  • The backlight can only be switched between the three colors
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2. iClever Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard – Best bang for the buck

iClever Foldable Bluetooth KeyboardComing at the second place is another folding keyboard by iCleaver. It has all the goodness of the previous model but comes at a much cheaper price. The cheaper price comes at a cost, it does not have backlit keys. If you don’t see any use of backlight for yourself you and only work in a bright office like environment then this compromise is worth the savings.

Other than that it has all the good features which include three-part folding design and aluminum build. Unlike other keyboards in the market, the keyboard folds in such a matter that there is no visible hinge or shorter cutdown keys in between. On unfolding, it looks as good as any other quality keyboard.

It connects to all kind of devices using power efficient Bluetooth and has a range of 10m(33ft). There is a huge battery inside which will keep you running up to 90 hours on a two-hour charge.


  • Well thought out design with magnets for convenient opening and folding
  • Hinges do not interfere with typing and do not cause any button cutouts
  • Lays flat on the surface which helps during typing


  • Backspace and delete keys merged into one
  • No backlight
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3. Jelly Comb Ultra Slim

Jelly Comb Ultra Slim folding keyboardPortable foldable keys come in many shape and size. More often than not to reduce the size, the keys are made smaller. If you want a foldable keyboard with a standard key size than jelly comb may be the best fit.

The jelly comb keyboard has a simple one hinged foldable design which helps it to fold in two parts. It is as tall as an iPhone and folds up in a very slim and portable shape. For folding it in half the spacebar is split into two parts.

On a two hour charge, it can last up to 18 days. It has an auto sleep feature for battery saving. It connects to the device using Bluetooth 3.0 with the range of 10m (33ft).

The overall build quality is good. The buttons have nice click sound with decent feedback. The hinge mechanism is strong with the well-balanced opening and closing force. The keyboard sits straight and does not wobble while typing. It comes in four colors which include white, black, gold and silver.


  • good haptic feedback from the key which is ideal for longer typing hours
  • soft-touch outer shell


  • Spacebar cut into half
  • big footprint even after folding
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4. Microsoft folding keyboard – No compromises with quality

microsoft foldable keyboardIf you are looking for the most premium and well constructed portable foldable keyboard, this is the answer. Right off the pack, it feels like a serious product with soft touch fabric-like exterior body. It comes in a greyish black color with a small Microsoft branding.

Instead of metal hinges, it has a fabric like folding edge which lasts for a long time. The inner fabric material has water repelling properties which makes the keyboard splash proof. When opened the keyboard has the same dimension like any other regular keyboard. The buttons are full-sized and have a very responsive high-quality satisfying click to it.

The Microsoft keyboard connects to the device with the help of 2 channel Bluetooth. The two-channel Bluetooth allows to connect to any two devices simultaneously and switch between them with the press of a button. Due to its color, the keyboard matches with Microsoft surface products but it also works with Android and IOS devices. The built-in battery allows it to work up to three months on a single charge.


  • Full sized keyboard with bigger individual keys for better typing
  • Soft touch fabric like material inside and out which makes it splash proof
  • premium overall feel with very satisfying keystrokes
  • Simultaneously connects and two devices


  • Split into two parts with a gap in-between
  • Spacebar split in two
  • Little expensive than others but quality comes at a price
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5. EC Technolgy – All in one solution

Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard EC Technolgy Foldable Wireless KeyboardKeyboards come in all shapes and forms similarly, foldable keyboards come in various types. The Ec Technology folding Bluetooth keyboard is the best portable keyboard focused on tablets and iPads. It not only has a foldable keyboard but also a touchpad. But that is not it, there is a tablet stand integrated into the design and everything folds up in a slim profile.

The touchpad has a total of 6 touch gesture and 2 physical buttons at the bottom. One of the very unique features of this keyboard is it has a three-channel Bluetooth connectivity. It enables it to connect to three devices simultaneously. The three buttons on the top help to switch between devices.

Who it is for

It is a really good solution for the people who work on multiple devices. You can connect devices like Desktop, PC and mobile simultaneously and work on google docs to make flawless switching between devices. It has a big enough battery to keep you going for 80 hours on a two hours of charge.

The button quality is very good with crisp clicks and everything well put together. Overall it is a full feature packed keyboard which can be a game changer depending upon who you are.


  • An all in one solution with the keyboard, touchpad and stand integrated into one
  • Can connect to three devices and switch between easily
  • Threefold design allows it to fold into a small footprint


  • Putting all these functionalities makes it quite bulky
  • Can disconnect easily when buttons on top of trackpad get pressed accidentally
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6. Jelly Comb Pocket Sized – Ergonomic folding keyboard

Folding a keyboard has various advantages. Along with saving space it also allows various design iterations. The Jelly Comb has come with a pocket-sized foldable ergonomic keyboard. The keyboard has a large gap between the two partitions and the key groups lay at an angle.

This keyboard is ideal for people who type for longer hours. The keyboard allows the hand to type on a more natural angle. It reduces the chances of long-term stress and fatigue. If you already feel your hand hurt, it may be worth switching to this one.

If you are typing on these angled keyboards for the very first time then it may need a little getting used to.

It works with Android, IOS and Windows device and has a battery backup of 40 hours on full charge. The keyword has magnets to clamp the panels together while closing. The overall package feels good and works great.


  • Made for comfortable long hours of typing
  • The tilted design makes it the most ergonomic keyboard
  • The buttons has a substancial click feedback with good overall quality
  • Magnetic closing mechanism


  • Large gap in center
  • No backlight
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7. NOVT Bluetooth Keyboard – Keyboard with built in stand

NOVT Bluetooth KeyboardWhen everyone started folding their keyboards vertically, Novt thought why not fold them horizontally. The Novt foldable keyboard easily stands out from all the other keyboards. They are not only unique but also practical.

The keyboard automatically turns on/off on folding and unfolding. When unfolded it looks like a normal keyboard with no half cut spacebar or gaps between keys as we have seen in other keyboards. It sits flat and does not wobble when typing. The aluminum body gives it a hefty expensive look and the scissor keys give it nice click while maintaining the slim form factor.

It has a kickstand/ cover attached to the main body. The kickstand can hold smartphones and large tablets with ease. These keyboards are specifically made for iPhones and iPods and come in white, silver, gold and rose gold colors to match their color profile. It also works with Android and Windows devices and connects with the help of Bluetooth.


  • Keyboard and stand integrated into one
  • Hinges do not interfere with buttons
  • Lightweight and slim with longer form factor which helps in portability
  • Turns on and off automatically when unfolded and folded respectively


  • No rubber pads at the bottom
  • Battery capacity lower than others in the list but still quite decent
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8. Jelly Comb Foldable Mini Keyboard with Touchpad

Jelly Comb Foldable Mini Keyboard with TouchpadJelly Comb mini keyboard is another keyboard alternative coming at a very cheap price. You get a folding keyboard with a touchpad. It hinges divides the keyboard in half with a cut down space key. The touchpad folds separately. It forms a two-layered sandwich in the folded position.

The surface is covered with the matte texture which feels good to touch. Its frame is made of aluminum which ages well. Although the keyboard is supported by Android, IOS and windows the touchpad do not work with IOS devices. They have promised to fix the issue soon.

The keyboard uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Which gives it a working time of 48 hours in 2 hours of charge. It is equipped with sleep timer to further save the battery. At 200 g it is very portable to travel with and makes typing easy, irrespective of the device.


  • Full sized keyboard with a touchpad in a small form factor
  • Well put together – premium feeling device
  • Good quality scissor keys with crisp clicks


  • Touchpad does not work with IOS devices
  • Hinge interfears with button
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benefits of the foldable keyboard

On-screen keyboards are fine for the once in a while short messages and posts. But when you have to write long posts containing multiple paragraphs They can be slow and tiresome. There are a lot of benefits of using a physical instead of the on-screen keyboard some of them are mentioned below.

Productivity, screen size and Ergonomics

Typing on a keyboard is faster and more accurate than typing on the screen. Using an external keyboard gives you bigger screen real state as it stops the on-screen keyboard from appearing. Writing on a physical keyboard is always better than writing on the screen, especially if you are doing this for a longer duration of time. It gives you more space for your hands which makes it easier to type along with reducing strain.

What to look for

portable folding keyboard with bluetoothEvery keyboard has its own little quirks and features and its own design which may or may not suit you. Here are the things you should look for when choosing a foldable keyboard.


Foldable keyboards come in two types – the one with a full sized keyboard and other with smaller contracted keyboard. The full-sized foldable keyboards are great if you do not want to compromise with typing. They will feel as natural as typing on any normal keyboard.

While a full-sized keyboard may be ideal for typing but when it comes to portability the smaller than a regular keyboard could be a better choice. They occupy less space when folded and weighs less which makes them easier to carry anywhere you want.


The only point of getting a foldable keyboard is to have a better typing experience than the on-screen keyboard. So it is very important that the keys should have a high-quality tactile key with the largest possible area. The keyboard should not feel cramped and overstuffed. A better quality key also ensures the longevity of the keyboard.


Foldable keyboards with Bluetooth does not have any screen or powerful processor or any other battery intensive component. Even the Bluetooth takes considerably low energy to work. The batteries in these keyboards last for weeks which enables you to continue working without charging.

While working with these kinds of devices it is easy to forget to turn them off. So it is important to look for auto sleep feature in these keyboards. The auto sleep – automatically turns off the keyboard after being left out for a while which further saves the battery for a couple of more days.


A foldable keyboard has to constantly take physical stress throughout its lifetime. They are being folded and unfolded and tossed around in the backpacks all the time. A quality build material ensures that the keyboards last for a long time. Most of the keyboards are made of aluminum which gives them good protection from falls and drops.

Aluminum may give the keyboard more protection but it also makes them a bit heavy. There are keyboards like Microsoft, which are made of very light plastic material which not only protects the keyboard but also makes them resistant so water splashes in some cases.

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