Xp Pen Deco Pro review – Professional graphics tablet for Beginners

xp pen deco pro reviewSearching for a graphics tablet is tricky, there is an overwhelming number of options available but none of them are perfect. With the budget tablets, you have to compromise with one feature or another and you always feel there is something missing.

Xp Pen has come with its brand new Deco Pro tablet which may very well be the most complete drawing tablet ever.

It has everything you need, which includes a massive drawing area, a very capable stylus which also happens to have the tilt support, multiple shortcut options a very modern design and a lot of LED lights – because why not.

In this Xp Pen Deco Pro review, we will take a look at all the features this tablet has to offer. We will also compare it to other tablets in the price range and finally find out – whether the Deco Pro is really the most complete package out there.

Quick look – Features and Specifications

Here is a quick look at all the main features of Xp Pen Deco Pro.

 Xp Pen Deco Pro (medium)
Dimension399.7 x 227 x 16.5 mm
(7mm on thinnest side)
Active Area11 x 6 Inches
Shortcut Buttons8
Roller WheelMechanical wheel + Trackpad
Pen Pressure8192 Levels
Pen Tilt±60° degrees
Report Rate200 RPS
Buttons on Pen2
SupportWindows, Mac and Android 6.0 and above
PriceCheck on Amazon

The Xp Pen Deco Pro is available in two sizes. Small and Medium. Other than the slightly smaller drawing area of 9 x 5 inches, there is no difference between them. You can check more about Deco Pro small on Amazon.

Xp Pen Deco Pro – Design and first impression

deco pro design and first impressionThe Deco Pro is one of the most unique looking tablets with features never seen before. Its metallic body looks very futuristic while maintaining a minimalist look. Deco Pro has been awarded the “Red dot award” for their excellent design.

The drawing area of the tablet is located at the right and the buttons are on the left. The tablet can be used by both left and right-handed artists.

It has a circular indicator light beside the mechanical wheel. The lights can be dimmed as well as switched off

Drawing surface

Xp Pen Deco Pro is available in two models small and medium. With the smaller tablet, you get 9 x 5 inches of the active working area. Whereas the medium tablet has a really massive 11 x 6 inches of working area. Apart from the size, there is no difference between the small and the medium tablet.

For making the device feel more like a paper, the tablet comes with a textured surface. The surface texture provides slight resistance which helps with controlling the stylus better. It also produces a subtle scratching sound which mimics the sound of pencil on paper.

Deco Pro small or medium – Which tablet to pick

xp pen deco pro small and mediumBigger is not always better, in this case as we already mentioned apart from size every feature is the same. Selecting the right tablet depends on the size of your monitor.

If you are working on a laptop or using a monitor which is around 16 inches or smaller than the Deco Pro small is the right choice for you. Similarly, the medium size Deco Pro is suitable for those who work on monitors with 19 inches, 21 inches or above screen size.

Shortcut buttons

Deco pro shortcut buttonsShortcut buttons can be really handy for making quick changes on the go. It minimizes the use of a keyboard, saves time and provides and seamless drawing experience.

The Xp Pen Deco Pro comes with a total of 8 shortcut buttons which are divided into two groups of four buttons. The placement of the button is on point. The buttons are laid out in two different sizes with raised dots and dashes to easily identify them without looking.

Overall you have ample of shortcut buttons for all your needs. All the buttons can be customized and set to custom shortcut using the driver.

Roller and touchpad

mechanical wheel and touchpadThis is one of the highlights of the tablet and also one of the most distinct features which separates the Deco Pro from all the other options in the market.

Some tablet comes with a rotating wheel while other tablets come with a touchpad. But, Why not both?

This is essentially what Xp pen have done with their deco Pro tablet. It comes with a rotating mechanical wheel and a virtual wheel/ trackpad. Both the wheel and trackpad are customizable.

Controllable lights

Some artist really likes to work in the dark as it helps with concentration. The deco Pro comes with a circular indicator light which is located around the touchpad. The light has multiple brightness levels and can also be turned off.

There are four other lights which are located in the drawing area. These four lights represent the “active drawing area” and can be turned off just like other lights.

Xp pen Deco Pro Stylus – PA1

pa1 stylus xp penThe tablet comes with a new stylus with a new design. The stylus has a total of 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity along with ±60° of tilt sensitivity. It is a passive stylus which does not require charging.

Generally the tilt recognition of only found in display tablets so it is really nice to see it in a graphics tablet.

Pen holder

xp pen deco pro pen holderPen holders are important as they protect the stylus from getting damages and stops them from being thrown around all over the place.

Both the Deco Pro small and the medium comes with a cylindrical pen holder. The pen holder holds the pen along with extra pen tips. The top cap of the pen holder also works as a tablet stand which holds the tablet in the upright position.


The tablet does not come with wireless connectivity and connects to the computer using a USB type C cable. The tablet supports all the popular drawing applications and can work on Windows as well as Mac devices.

Support for Android phones and tablets

tablet support of xp pen deco proSome artists like to keep things simple and handy. If you draw on mobile or tablet or willing to try making art on mobile devices, Deco Pro could be a perfect tablet for you.

Along with the support for Windows and Mac the tablet can also be used with Android (6.0 or above) devices.

The tablet can be connected to the Android device with the help of the included OTG connector. It supports all popular mobile drawing applications.

One important thing to note is – IOS devices are not yet supported.

Driver and advanced settings

A driver is an application which assists your computer to communicate with the tablet and helps it understand the pressure and tilt data. The tablet cannot work without installing the driver to the computer.

It also allows you to make the advanced settings to your tablet. with the help of the driver, you can change the default express buttons to the shortcut of your choice. It also allows you to change the pressure sensitivity of the pen as well as indicator lights on the tablet.


Xp Pen is known for providing a generous amount of accessories with their tablets. The Xp Pen Deco Pro contains the following items in the box.

  • Deco Pro – graphics tablet
  • Stylus (PA1) – Battery-free
  • Pen holder/stand
  • Replacements nibs
  • USB-C to USB cable
  • OTG adapter for Android devices
  • Drawing glove
  • Quick Guide

Final thoughts/ Summary

summary is xp pen deco pro best drawing tabletIf you do not want to compromise with features and want a complete package, the Xp Pen Deco Pro is the right choice.

It has the premium metallic build quality, a massive drawing area, well-laid out shortcut buttons along with a mechanical wheel and touchpad and everything you can expect in a drawing tablet. It may not be the most affordable drawing tablet but it is well worth the price.


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