Top 8 Drawing Tablet Stand for Wacom and iPads – Drawing Tablet holders

wacom dispaly tablets standUnlike before, tablets stands are rare to see these days coming within the box. It is becoming a growing trend for tablet manufacturers to recommend getting a tablet stand separately. Even the very expensive display tablets like Wacom mobile studio pro and Cintiqs are not coming with pre-included stands.

If you are looking for the right stand for your display tablets, we are here with the best options. We have made a list of best tablet stands for digital artists which are perfect in every way. Our list consists of tablet stands from a wide spectrum covering all the features you are looking for.

Cheap Vs expensive tablet stands

Tablets come in all shapes and forms some have a plastic construction and others are made of metal. Some give you limited adjustability others giver better support.

The cheaper tablets are generally made of plastic and ideal for smaller/lighter tablets. They give you two or three adjustable heights. On the other hand, there are tablet/ monitor stands capable of supporting heaviest display tablets. They are generally made of metals and gives you more adjustability options. These are so stable that some of them allow you to suspend your device on air and work on it at the same time.

Before you look ahead it is important to know that few tablet stands (in the list) are specifically made for particular type/model of tablet and it may or may not be compatible with your device.

Best drawing tablet stands for digital artists

Keeping display tables flat on the surface is not only uncomfortable but also an open invitation to neck pain, fatigue and muscle cramps. Adding the fact that most of the people using these devices have to work for multiple hours at a time, which makes the situation worse. Tablet holders and stands solve these issues by providing ergonomic drawing positions which gives you comfortable and proper working postures.

1. Artisul Freestyle Stand – Most pocket-friendly tablet stand

artisul tablet stand for drawing tabletArtisul freestyle stand comes with Artisul tablets but also supports other similar tablets. The stand can hold a wide variety of tablets from smaller to mildly heavier ones. It is made of plastic and has rubber pads at the front and its feet which makes it very stable on smooth and slippery surfaces.

The U-shaped curve at the front helps to hold the device securely and the rubber padding protects the devices from accidental scratches.

It can stand up to almost straight 85° angle. The stand at the back can physically rotate in four directions, making it easier to stand at any angle. Although the tablet is quite firm, but it has the tendency to fallback when pushed hard.

It can also be used as a laptop stand but its front grips only allow thinner laptops to fit in. The stand is thin and light enough to be portable. But if portability is your priority then you should take a look at the next tablet stand in the list.


  • One of the most affordable tablet stand
  • Great for lightweight tablets
  • The rubber legs provide good friction to avoid slipping off
  • Folds up in a slim profile which makes it very portable


  • Not very portable
  • Collapses when pressed hard
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2. Wacom Stand for mobile studio pro – official stand by Wacom

wacom stand for mobilestudio proWacom’s mobile studio pro comes at a very premium price tag, but sadly it does not come with a pre-included tablet stand. Mobile studio Pro is a heavy device which cannot be steadily held by a cheap plastic stands.

Wacom has come up with their own solution and made a stand which is strong, lightweight as well as portable.

The stand is made of brushed metal and has rubber pads on all its legs. It attaches itself to the device with the help of detachable laches at its base and legs. Once is it attached, it becomes the part of the device and due to its slim profile, it does not take any extra space which makes it very portable.

The stand gives you 3 adjustable heights which are good enough for any working position. If you have the mobile studio pro save yourself all the trouble and get the official stand.


  • Tailor made spacifically for Wacom mobile studio pro
  • Made from brushed metal
  • Extreamily thin and strong


  • Few adjustment angles
  • Expensive
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3. Wacom Ergo Stand – official stand for Wacom Cintiq Devices

compatible with: Cintiq 27QHD Touch and Cintiq 27QHD

So you own Wacom Cintiq display tablet and planning to get a new stand. Wacom makes its own stand custom made for Cintiq devices which works flawlessly.

Display tablets are very difficult to mount as they are heavy and often have so many cables coming out of them. The Wacom stand for Cintiq devices solves all these issues making your setup clean and clutter free.

wacom cintiq standThe stand is made of metal with a very secure and high-quality hinge. It allows you to use your display tablet at any angle without any wobble and vibrations. It also allows your device to freely suspend in the air or lean over the table for better and more immersive drawing experience.

The stand comes with the preinstalled wires which pass through the hollow tubes of the stand. Other than that it comes with extra cover panels to hide all your wire inlets and open screws, making the setup look flawless.

It has got some wing-like structures at both the sides. These help to easily change and lock the tablet from one position to other.

you would be very satisfied with this stand and have a wonderful drawing experience using this.


  • Made for Wacom cintiq devices
  • Excellent cable management makes your workspace clutter free
  • Strong and premium quality materials used
  • Infinite adjustment angles


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Supports only selected devices
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4. LX Desk Mount LCD Arm – Infinite adjustibility monitor stand

Wacom stands are good if you want a strong and stable support for your device. But they are very restricted in their movement. The official Cintiq stand is great but what if you want greater movement and height.

ergotron display tablet holderLx desk mount was initially made for tv. screens but over time it started being used for mounting display tablets. It securely clamps to your table and does not occupy any space. It has a very flexible arm which allows you to move it in all the directions at any angle. One of the best features of this tablet holder is it enables you to use your device while standing. So if you want a better and more flexible stand than this is your best option.


  • Can be horizontally and vertically adjusted to any angle
  • Strong all metal design
  • Easy to switch between one angle to other


  • Heavy and takes up space
  • Takes longer to install
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5. Elevation Lab DraftTable Kit For iPad Pro

elevation lab stand for ipadWe all know that iPads official stands are very limited in their usability as they can only stand at certain levels and angles.

Elevation Lab DraftTable Kit For iPad Pro is one of the best stand alternatives for iPads. It comes with three adjustable legs which give you multiple angles to work with. It comes with a pen holder and a nice palm rest. Its front face is made os some soft material which won’t leave any scratches on your device. It is made of metal and has a very slim profile making it easy to carry around.

Although this stand is specifically made for iPad but it can also be used with other display tablets. One of the most important things to notice is that it will only work with devices which are thin and fairly light.


  • Suppoets iPads or any similarily sized device
  • Multiple adjustment angles
  • Comes with a pen holder and palm rest
  • High positive ratings on amazon


  • Not ideal for large display tablets
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6. Xp Pen Multifunctional Metal Stand for Display Tablets

xp pen artist 12 display tablet standIf you use an Xp-Pen display tablet, this one is the must-have accessory for you. It is the official stand made specifically for Xp Pen devices.

The stand is made of aluminum and has rubber pads on the rear ends. The aluminum build enables you to keep heavier tablets on top without making the tablet insecure. The tablet can go from 1° to 65° with the increment of 1°.

When folded the stand almost takes up no space which makes it very easy to carry around with your tablet. Although it is made for Xp-Pen tablets, the overall design allows you to attach any other similar tablet.


  • Great for smaller display tablets
  • Metal construction – can hold even heavier devices with ease
  • A wide range of adjustment 0° to 65°
  • Folds up in a slim and portable form factor


  • Snaps shut with force on closing
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7. TechMatte iPad Pro Stand

TechMatte stand for iPad ProSince we are talking about stands, the Techmatte is one of the cheapest stands for iPad in the market. The aluminium construction gives it ample structural intigrity to hold havier device.  

It can rotate 270° can be set to any angle in-between with the help of the button at the side. Its anti-slip padding at the base protects the device from slipping around. It comes in white and rosegold color to match your iPad.


  • Metal construction
  • Easy to adjust and switch between one angle to other
  • One of the cheapest stands in the market
  • Grear user reviews on amazon


  • Cannot fit large, thick tablets
  • Easy to collapse down
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8. Max Smart Drawing Tablet stand

max smart displat tablet standMax Smart is one of the cheapest tablet stands in the market who has got a ton of positive reviews on Amazon.

It is a simple stand made of plastic which can hold smaller as well as large display tablets. There are a total of six supported angles which allows it to adjust to 15°, 17°, 19°, 35°, 37° and 39°. It has also got some sort of anti-slip rubber pads which are not the best but good, given its price.

It comes in two colors Red and Black.


  • Very cheap and functional
  • Folds up in a slim profile which makes it easier to carry with you
  • 6 different adjustment angles
  • Can support medium sized tablets


  • Made of plastic
  • Cannot hold heavy loads
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