Apple Pencil vs Samsung S Pen comparison: For drawing and taking notes

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apple pencil vs samsung s pen comparisonIf you are searching for a digital drawing/writing device you must have come across Apple Pencil and Samsung S-Pen.

Both of them are some of the best stylus in the market in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. But the question is – which stylus is better and which one should you pick as you next drawing and writing device.

To be honest both the stylus have a lot of similarities and there is no clear “Black and White” answer to – which stylus is Better. There are certain areas where the Apple pencil excels whereas Samsung S Pen shines in other places.

S Pen for drawing and writing In order to find the perfect Stylus for you, we have done a detailed comparison of Apple Pencil and Samsung S Pen. By the end of this article, you will be ready to pick the right stylus for your specific needs.

The apple pencil has two versions – Previous generation Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2. Apple Pencil 2 is Supported by the latest iPad Pro whereas all the other models of Ipad support the previous generation Apple Pencil.

Samsung, on the other hand, comes with different models of S-Pen with different Samsung tablets. But overall they have a similar size and feel to them.

Design and feel in hand

apple pencil design and feel in handApple pencil and S Pen have a very different look and feel. Apple pencil is slightly longer and heavier whereas S Pens are smaller and lightweight. Which stylus feels better is highly subjective. Some people find Apple pencil bulkier whereas others find S Pen too tiny.

samsung S Pen varients design and feelS Pens comes in two sizes. The stylus which comes with Samsung smartphones is small and thin. The S Pen which comes with Samsung Galaxy tabs is much more substantial and comfortable. If you feel that Apple Pencil is too slim, S pen will feel nice to hold.

If you can – it is better to go and try out both these stylus in real life in Apple and Samsung stores.

For those who can’t go to stores – Apple pencil is just like a regular pencil in terms of size and feel whereas Samsung S Pens are more like a pen.

Pointed tip of S Pen vs Blunt tip of Apple Pencil

stylus with pointed tip and blunt tip - which is better
Apple pencil (left) – S Pen (right)

If you observe the drawing tip of both the stylus you will see that the Apple pencil has a blunt tip. S Pen, on the other hand, has a pointed tip. Further, the S Pen comes with a hard tip and a soft-rubbery pen tip. With Apple Pencil, you get a single hard tip.

Due to the pointed tip, the strokes made by S Pen feels more accurate although both the stylus are equally good in terms of accuracy.


The Apple Pencil takes a slight edge in terms of performance as it has the fastest response time and a totally lag-free drawing experience. Writing and drawing with Apple Pencil feels as natural as using an actual pencil.

S Pen is not too far behind and probably the best writing device after Apple Pencil. In normal day to day uses the difference is not too obvious.

Palm Rejection

Both the stylus come to form very mature brands that have a lot of experience in making drawing and writing devices. The palm rejection has more to do with the tablet than the stylus itself.

Both Apple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab come with good palm rejection and you will not face issues with either of them.


Parallax in Apple pencil and S Pen
No Parallax

Parallax is when the strokes appear a few millimeters away from where the stylus tip is actually touching the surface. It mostly happens in cheap devices that uses non-laminated screens.

Although parallax may not be a big deal-breaker, this issue can be found in cheaper old generation of iPads (iPad mini) as well as older models of Samsung tablets. I newer tablets this issue has been completely eradicated.

Pressure and tilt sensitivity

Apple pencil tilt support
Tilt support for shading

The increase in the thickness of the strokes depending on the applied pressure on the stylus is called pressure sensitivity.

It makes your handwriting and sketches look more natural and true to life. Both Apple Pencil and S Pen have excellent pressure sensitivity.

Tilt sensitivity is used for shading and has no real use for writing purposes. The Apple Pencil has more stable and reliable tilt capabilities in comparison to S Pen.

Shortcut Buttons

Shortcut Buttons allow you to quickly switch between pen and eraser. Some apps also allow you to customize the button to the shortcut of your choice.

The Apple Pencil has a touch-based shortcut button whereas the Samsung S Pen comes with a physical shortcut button. Both types of buttons do their job equally good.

Price – Apple Pencil vs Samsung S Pen

apple pencil holding in handEvery single model of Samsung tablet which supports pen input comes with a free S Pen in the box. On the other hand, no model of iPad comes with a pre-included Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil has to be purchased separately. You can click here to check its current price on Amazon.

Role of Operating System – IOS vs Android

Operating systems play a big role in choosing the right tablet. A few years back the gap between IOS and Android devices were huge.

As of now, things have come close and both operating systems are equally good in terms of overall user experience and choice of drawing/writing apps.

role of operating systemThere are some of the IOS exclusive apps such as Procreate, which is one of the most popular drawing apps but only available for IOS devices.

But there are multiple drawing apps for android which are as good as their IOS counterpart. Further, more and more IOS exclusives apps are now appearing on the Android store.

If you are only concerned with writing and taking notes then both Android and IOS app store are equally good.

Which is a better stylus for Drawing

apple pencil for drawing and writingIf you are an artist and looking for the right stylus to pick than Apple Pencil would be a better choice. The Apple Pencil really shines in every drawing related tasks whether it is accurate pressure and tilt sensitivity to the touch button on the side.

What sets it apart from all the other styles in the market is its insanely low latency.

apple pencil vs S PenThere is visibility no lag and the overall drawing experience feel natural and flawless.

On top of all these, IOS is a mature environment where everything is made for one another and they talk and communicate flawlessly.

This results in a superior drawing experience.

Now that is not to say that S Pen is not capable enough. In simple words, you can say that S Pen – Samsung and Android is 95% of what you get with Apple Pencil and IOS.

If for some reason you can’t or don’t want to invest in Apple than Samsung S Pen will not disappoint you at all.

There are numerous talented artists who use S Pen and Samsung tablets on a daily basis. Some of them even prefer it more than Apple Pencil.

which is a better stylus for Taking notes

sansung galaxy note s6 for drawing
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Things take a round turn when we talk about taking notes. S Pen is primarily a note-taking device. The Shape and size of the pen feel just about right for long writing sessions. You will have a really comfortable writing experience due to its lighter weight.

The Apple Pencil takes the second spot due to its longer and heavier body. The most common complaint people have with Apple Pencil is – the stylus is too thin and you won’t get a comfortable grip. If these things do not concern you then you can go with Apple Pencil.

Supported devices for Samsung S-Pen

Here are some of the most popular S-Pen supported devices.

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Supported devices for Apple Pencil

Apple pencil supported devices

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